Kane Publications is an international media company that generates and disseminates some of the world’s most recognized brands in the print, digital, visual and social space.
These include Food & Travel, Travel Outdoors, Wealth & Money, Style & Fashion, Autolife, Health & Wellness (AD), Contender and Aspiring Woman, to name a few.


Our writers and associates construct monumental ideas that captivate audiences through magnificent storytelling. Each year, we reach over 9 million consumers in print, 12 million in digital and another 32 million across all social platforms.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Kane Publications has offices in Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Houston and Maine. Though our print focus is in North America, South America and Canada, digitally we reach over 36 international markets including England, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand.
We have ventures in education with our Higher Learning publication that gets circulated digitally to thousands of high schools showcasing America’s top academics, while also informing them of their opportunities for the future.

We like to engage and inform in cutting edge ways, by creating stunning visuals, and capturing aesthetically appealing moments that create conversation, propose new perspectives, and open up lanes for advanced forms of self-expression.
Imagination and artistry is at the cornerstone of everything we do.


Check out our latest magazine with the Winter 2023 Edition of Food & Travel Magazine! In this issue we travel to all corners of the United States, from the warm and sunny tropical climate of Miami to the winter wonderland in snowy Bend, Oregon. As always, Food & Travel Magazine has you covered for the best winter destinations to not only whet your palate, but your since of adventure as well!