Why do people who get welfare, hate other people on welfare?

The irony of people on welfare constantly bickering about people on welfare. The idea seems to be that the bickering welfare recipient believes they deserve welfare because they work and don’t abuse it while all the other people on welfare are just lazy leaches abusing the system. Then, these morons vote to cut welfare, because in their minds when the government talks about cuts to welfare, they’re not talking about THEIR personal welfare, but the other “losers” who are abusing it.

As of 2014, 109,631,000 people are receiving some form of government assistance when you consider Medicaid, food subsidies, Social Security, Veteran’s benefits and unemployment. As of the most recent study in 2012, only 2.7% of that number was attributed to welfare fraud, which is less than 2.9 million people. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ families receiving public assistance spend significantly less than families’ not receiving public assistance on essentially everything, including roughly half on housing, a third less on food, almost two-thirds less on entertainment and a fraction on healthcare. The data clearly indicates that that those living on some form of public assistance aren’t abusing the system to live lavishly — they’re trying to penny pinch to survive.

Therefore, the idea that we should completely ruin the lives of 106 million people because of the wrong doings of 2.9 million is completely absurd. When the government cuts back “entitlements” as they like to call them, they are cutting ALL funding. They are not performing in-depth investigations to pluck out the abusers and only cutting their funding.

One of the most common misnomers about welfare is that most people who are on it are leeches who don’t work, an accusation that is 100% false. First of all, MOST people on receiving medicaid or food assistance are working class families who simply do not get paid enough. Second of all, let’s take a look at who these people are living off of some form of public assistance. Of the 26 million people collecting Social security, 18 million are retirees who worked their whole lives and paid in to it, which means they are not lazy leeches. 8 million are collecting disability, which means they have been considered disabled workers by the government and therefore are excluded as lazy leeches. Veterans receiving veteran benefits served their country, and therefore are absolutely not leeches, and I dare you to call one of them a leech to their face. People on unemployment were working, lost their job and are now seeking work. How do I know this? Because it is a policy enacted by unemployment that you must have been working to receive it, and must be actively looking for work to continue to receive it. Now, there is clearly some individuals who scam unemployment by making it appear as though they are seeking jobs, but let’s look at why.

If you’re working a career based job making a livable wage and then you lose that job, unemployment is willing to compensate you with a large percentage of what you were making. Which means, whatever lifestyle you were living can still be afforded. If you choose to get a job at any old place to get off unemployment, say at Wendy’s, you will not get paid anywhere near what unemployment would give you, hereby making unemployment your best option until you find another great job based on your career experience. If places like Wendy’s paid livable wages, you would gladly take a job anywhere and not be a drain on the working tax payer. So in this case, who is the unemployment subsidy really for? It seems to be more of a corporate subsidy doesn’t it? Corporations know they don’t have to pay you livable wages, because when you’re down and out, you can easily get medicaid and food stamps. And, when they lay you off, you can go live off unemployment between jobs. It’s this line of thinking why Wal-Mart actually hands its workers welfare documents and asks them to apply. It’s basically saying, “We can afford to pay you more, but we would rather not pay you shit so we can have higher profit margins. But don’t worry, you’ll survive. Just fill out this form and let the tax payer pay the other half of what we should be paying you to work here.” Think about that.

The simple solution to solve all these issues with government assistance is for companies to pay you more for your labor. With the costs rising of car insurance, mortgage payments, rental payments, electricity, heat, gas and water, the need for people to be compensated more for their labor is vital to fixing this economy. So when I see people all over the internet suggesting the government should cut welfare benny’s and those same people claim that people should stop complaining about minimum wage, it is such an oxymoron that it makes me feel physically ill. You people are voting against your own interest. You people are cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

There are 46.5 million people in America collecting food stamps at an average of $123 per person. If our government even so much as cut the number in half, how would Hannaford, Kroger, Market Basket, Ralphs, Wal-Mart, and other supermarkets recover from a $2.9 billion drop in sales? How many more jobs would be lost when 23 million people can longer shop for food? And, when those people working at places like Hannaford lose their jobs because of the drastic drop off in sales, how many more people will now need welfare? Grocery chains benefit far more from food stamps than the person who uses them.

In my entire life, I have never met anyone who was happy about needing public assistance. I have waited in welfare lines and everyone in there is ashamed to even be seen in there. The long lines, the humiliation, the way you get treated by the people who work there. Nobody is jockeying for position to be the next person to get free government money. The moment someone discovers they need it, they become overwhelmed with depression. It’s not your neighbors who are lazy leeches. It’s not the struggling single mom’s, the poor minority family or the guy who lost his job that’s taking advantage of you. It’s the corporations in America that are the leeches. And, when you sit there and defend them for allowing you to graciously work for peanuts, while at the same time turning on your fellow brothers and sisters who are going through the same struggles as you — you are the problem with this country.