Why are Pretty Girls Under Attack?

Why are pretty girls under attack? We, as a society, when see a guy with a beautiful girl we instantly think, “Oh, she’s probably a bimbo, but hey, it doesn’t matter. He is with her for her looks.” When we see a guy walking with a less attractive woman we think “Oh she must have a great personality.” How the fuck do you know? Maybe the ugly chick is a miserable bitch and the hot chick is one of the coolest people around. Making a girl feel bad for being pretty is no fucking different than making a girl feel bad for being ugly.

It seems like all the time I hear about how men are shallow, because we judge woman by their looks. Everywhere I turn there’s some overweight girl crying about how men are assholes, and we should judge her based on who she is on the inside. This is complete bullshit for two reasons.

1.) Everybody everywhere judges everyone and everything by visual. Imagine a guy standing on the corner dressed as a police officer. Now you get robbed and you run up to him for safety. He explains to you he’s not a police officer. Would you feel visually betrayed? That’s because visual is important. The same women complaining that guys are only judging their appearance, are the same women who get creeped out when they walk by men on the street because they look homeless. He’s not homeless, he just happen to wear a wrinkled outfit today. Its asinine for anyone to believe that there is such a thing as not judging someone’s appearance. Now, as a man, if I go talk to a girl that you feel is prettier than you, than it must be because I’m shallow right? So what you’re saying is a pretty girl doesn’t offer anything but looks? Pretty girls have no depth? She’s pretty, so I must be shallow? Wow, there’s a lot of small minded thinking going on.

2.) Attractive is subjective. You’ll see overweight girls make comments like, “Oh society says I’m not pretty, so I’m not pretty.” WRONG! Society never said shit! You said you’re not pretty. I have a very good friend of mine who loves overweight women. Actually, I have a couple of friends like that. Even I have found some to be sexy. If I brought them a supermodel they would be grossed out. What if the supermodel was incredibly in to one of my friends, but he flat out likes big round women? Should the model go on Facebook and cry about how she is being wrongfully judged by her appearance?

So there’s a guy you like, and he’s not interested. Instead of just maturely accepting it, you have decided to go and rant about how ALL men are brainwashed to not like the way YOU look. Heaven forbid you think with reason here. Somewhere, in fact, many places, there are men who would love the way you look. Now because this one particular guy you like isn’t interested, you’re a victim of societal brainwashing? Trying to make men feel bad for not going out with you is about the most unattractive quality a woman could possibly have. And hating on girls that you think are prettier than you is a clear sign of insecurity. Its not a girls fault for fitting the standard of beauty anymore than it’s a girls fault for not fitting into it.

I have seen so many women who think they’re hot when they ain’t shit. I’ve seen tons of women who think they are ugly when they’d be surprised how pretty they are. However, all of this is my opinion and all men have a different one. No matter what they put on magazines, or on TV, or in the movies, men will always have our own individual taste in women. A confident woman will wait until she finds the guy who sees her how she wants to be seen, not cry about the men who don’t. You’re all beautiful women. ALL women are visually appealing to someone. However, if you don’t see the beauty in yourself, no one else will either.