The Most Apathetic & Self-Centered Time in Human History

Let’s just call a spade a spade and admit that nobody gives a fuck anymore about anything. Such news should hardly be surprising. After all, when parents are discouraged to properly discipline their children, when teachers have to prioritize a student’s self-esteem above his or her education, when the word “no” is a word to be avoided at all costs, when societal political correctness precludes telling a person he is wrong from the time he is a young child—there is little reason to be surprised that a “generation me” has emerged. We are an apathetic, narcissistic and selfish generation of assholes.

We don’t give a flying fuck about our jobs, we only work them to pay our bills and other expenses. We have 2/3rds of the world doing below average work because they can care less, and the other 1/3rd unemployed and they can care less also. People don’t work hard anymore, we work just enough to keep our jobs and settle for mediocrity. We have people who live off of welfare, and other free government funding, who have little respect for those who pay for it. We also have people who do really well financially, who can give a flying rat’s ass about some other family who is starving and struggling to pay their bills. We have people showing no compassion for those who may need an abortion due to extreme circumstances, and on the other hand, we have people who have no fucking empathy for robbing a baby of its life. We have politicians who spend more time on twitter than passing legislation, because they care more about self-recognition than they do making change. We have police who murder, harass and confiscate people’s money with no probable cause. Yet we also have punk ass motherfuckers who walk around having no fucking respect for law enforcement. We have people online talking about homeless people like their pieces of shit. We have no adoration or reverence for anyone anymore. We have no heroes. We only have hatred for those who do better than us and contempt for those who do worse.

We laugh at other people’s expense, but feel offended and outraged when we’re laughed at. Even our music tells us to fuck everything that walks, only care about ourselves and not give a fuck. Just listen to half the lyrics. We walk around willfully ignorant, looking for ways to be the least productive we can be.

In the 70’s we had college kids marching on Capitol Hill and now we have kids posting statuses, like as if that’s activism. Our kids are great at typing, but suck at communication. We have an entire group of youth who believe there are no consequences to what they say in the real world because of the false presentation of the internet. We have an entire generation ready to bend over and get fucked in the ass by a government that’s as narcissistic as they are.

There’s no courtesy, politeness or manners anymore. Just altercations and bickering, whining and complaining. None of us agree on any issues because we all have the inability to have any fucking empathy for each other, or even an ounce of appreciation for the person on the other side of the fence.

Instead of waking up and watching the news in the morning, we wake up and read what people tweeted or posted on Facebook while we were asleep. We can’t rely on the media because they are just as selfish and apathetic as we are. There could be a story about 5,000 people who died in a bombing and half the blonde super models we call “journalists “ today would be sitting around discussing the best places to get new Prada bags at affordable costs. We demand and expect instant gratification in every aspect of our lives. Due to the inflation of technology, we now live our lives through the Internet, smart phones and social media.

Everywhere I turn we’re all judging each other, hating each other, battling with each other, lecturing each other about all kinds of shit that we’re not even qualified to talk about. The words “entitled to an opinion” gave everyone a fucking soap box. Everybody thinks they’re a fucking genius nowadays when 99% of us don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about. We spend all of our time trying to develop some identity for ourselves that makes us feel glamorous and above everyone else. We use our race, color, religion, horoscope and even our musical tastes to create our identities, and give us some false sense of value. We label ourselves and box ourselves in to these purposeless categories that only drive a wedge further between us. Creating profiles online like some sort of billboard advertisement being used to sell ourselves to other people. We care about OUR NEEDS ONLY and can give a fuck about anybody else’s.

There’s no love anymore these days, just manipulation until the magic wears off. We all use people until we’re bored, or we develop different needs, and then we throw away human beings like yesterday’s trash. We don’t want someone to love us, we want someone to worship us. We don’t want someone to teach us, we want someone to do it for us. We don’t want to think for ourselves, we want someone to give us the answers. We want someone to tell us what we want to hear, and we know they want the same thing so we do it to get what we want from them. We’re the most heartless, cold and toxic group of human beings that ever existed on this planet.

We have proven ourselves to be a generation largely spoiled and defined by greed and laziness. Our grandparents endured the Great Depression, WW2, Vietnam, the Korean War and both desert conflicts. They built this country with a mentality that captured strong work ethic, loyalty and discipline to one’s country and family. All of us, we come from amazing people who did amazing things to create the world we enjoy today. For what? So we could sit here and disrespectfully piss all over it. We simply no longer give a fuck about each other anymore. We should all be fucking ashamed of ourselves.

Let me leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein:
“A human being…experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest…. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures.”