Imagine: What If?

What if kids who grew up in poor families could have the same opportunities as kids who grew up in wealthy families? Imagine if when they had the same opportunities, they could see them. What if those raised in poor neighborhoods had schools that cared about their education? Imagine if the kids in bad neighborhoods could focus more on learning than staying alive.

What if the police couldn’t confiscate your money for no reason or kill unarmed citizens with impunity? Imagine if we had a judicial system more focused on justice than financial extortion. What if prisons weren’t a business that profited off of an influx of non-violent offenders? Imagine if rapists did 25 years and drug dealers did 3 to 5.

What if you could have free healthcare as a right and it would be less expensive than what you pay now for no healthcare at all? Imagine if your country cared about the people who serve as its backbone. What if you could get a college education without going into debt? Imagine not having to move back in with your parents after you graduate. What if the media cared more about journalistic integrity than telling us what we wanted to hear for ratings? Imagine if we as people could change what we wanted to hear. What if ignorance is a choice, because we’re afraid to know the answer? Imagine us getting over that fear.

What if we could be individual people who worked in groups, rather than groups of people who work as individuals? Imagine if we didn’t glorify narcissism, consumerism, egoism and victimization. What if we could talk about something other than ourselves? Imagine listening, rather than thinking about what we’re going to say next. What if we took pride in our own accomplishments, rather than things we had nothing to do with, like where and how we were born? Imagine race, color, creed, heritage, sex and sexual orientation finally having no bearing on how we’re perceived. What if we could alleviate our addictions to entertainment, technology and celebrity gossip? Imagine all of us paying attention to those who govern us, rather than blindly following. What if we’re failing our kids from lack of real parenting? Imagine us deciphering the difference between abuse and proper discipline. What if everything that was sacred wasn’t turned into a business? Imagine not having to profit from doing the right thing to do. What if the harder you work, the more you achieved? Imagine integrity having value again. What if we didn’t always bow to whoever has the crown? Imagine us questioning how they got it.

What if our vote counted? Imagine if our leaders worked in the favor of all citizens and not just big money families and corporations. What if the working poor didn’t have to work two jobs and still barely afford the cost of living? Imagine if the working poor didn’t have to work in unsafe conditions where OSHA rules are violated, just to make slightly more than minimum wage with no health coverage. What if bureaucracy didn’t make people who try, want to give up? Imagine how hard we’d try if we saw rewards from our efforts.What if people could make enough money just doing their jobs that they didn’t feel the need to resort to stealing and drug dealing for survival? Imagine the wrong decisions not being the easiest ones to make.

What if we knew the world wasn’t going to end tomorrow. Imagine the better choices we would make today. What if we didn’t want to fuck each other over, but wanted to love each other? Imagine helping each other instead of hurting each other. What if we stopped looking at life as a competition? Imagine if we realized that nobody’s keeping score. What if nobody is to blame for all of this, but ourselves? Imagine if we took responsibility and held ourselves accountable. What if we realized how weak we are when we’re separated? Imagine the power we’d have in unity. What if there was something we could do about all of this, but we choose not to? Imagine if we did.