Giant Balls is the Ingredient for Success in America

As a man in America, the only recipe required for success is a giant pair of balls. Not just a big pair of balls, but the kind of massive brass balls that would rock back and forth destroying buildings if you walked down the street naked. In my experience in both corporate business and the music industry, I have found that everybody admires audaciousness.

In a new age society riddled with beta males, with their slumped shoulders and tousled hair, it is easy to stand out when you’re one of the last few masculine men in existence. I admire and appreciate strong confident women, but when you’re a man who appears as though every ounce of testosterone has been siphoned from the core of your being, even the most confident woman gets turned off by the lack of challenge you represent. Even women who absolutely loath misogyny are not going home and fantasizing about the guy they met at the bar drinking banana daiquiris through a straw while dressed exactly like his three friends.

In the dating world of the hunter and hunted, the reciprocity of kindness doesn’t exist. By ogling over women and worshipping the ground they walk on, you only become the ground they walk on. By falling over yourself to make a woman happy, you will never make them happy. In my experience, women have a deep disdain for men who worship them because they recognize how severely ridiculous that is. In the history of mankind, no woman has ever been brought to an orgasm by being called a goddess. However, I have seen some soaked sheets after telling them to shut the fuck up.

In the business world of the buyer and seller, every person you encounter is a potential buyer of you. When you try too hard to be liked, you come off as a desperate used car salesmen. The passive aggressive nice guy who wakes up every day craving the drug of external approval gets nothing but a whole lot of fake friends and wasted time. No matter what you choose to do as a career, there is always a whole lot of risk involved. Sometimes you have to be rude. Sometimes you have to tell people to “fuck off.” Sometimes you have to call people out on their bullshit. Sometimes you have to tell people you’re too busy to take their call, without worrying about their frail feelings. The momentary hate they feel toward you will be quickly replaced with respect. The path to success is riddled with conflict, and you will never get where you are trying to go by avoiding it. When you see conflict, prepare for it, and then charge right at it like a bull.

When you’re too soft to address someone you have an issue with by avoiding them, ignoring them and making subtle comments, it makes you look weak. Have the balls to confront them. Who cares if they don’t like you for it? Wanting to be liked by everyone won’t get people to like you. Instead, they’ll just manipulate you to get what they want, while preying on your need to be liked. Enjoy being hated. Enjoy criticism. People who hate you are awesome because they’re not wasting your time. Imagine if you had a gold medallion worth $500 million. How would you protect it? The way you would protect that medallion is the same way you should protect your time. You should be guarding your time like its Fort Knox. And, it takes courage to tell people right to their fucking face that they’re wasting it.

Whether in business, dating or just social friendships, it’s the man with the giant pair of balls who wins. When everybody wants you to care, but you don’t. When everybody is hoping you’ll give in, but you won’t. When you shock them by confronting them full speed ahead in a society where they least expect it. When they want so badly for you to value their opinion, and their surprised that you don’t care if they value yours. When they assume you’ll put their needs above your own, but you don’t. Let people think you’re inhuman, self-righteous, arrogant, shallow and greedy. Let them make assertions and assumptions. Let them think they know you, because it only confirms they don’t.