Hip-Hop Artist/Songwriter/Actor


Thomas Joseph Abate III , (Born in Methuen, Massachusetts), formerly known as Poverty, is a hip-hop artist, Song writer and actor from the New England area.

As a teen he was dragged around the east coast by a drug addicted mother, sleeping in shelters as she prostituted and sold drugs to support him. He eventually wound up in Portland, Maine, where he started gaining popularity by performing at local hip-hop clubs.

The album made its way to Hollywood, California, where Thommy was hired as a songwriter for Columbia Records. While Thommy worked as a ghostwriter, he also continued to pursue his own music career and recorded a demo with hip-hop producer Tycoon (50 Cent, Mickey Avalon, Pussy Cat Dolls). He landed a national tour with Lyricist Lounge and had opening performances for 50 Cent, J-Cole, KRS ONE, DMX, Nelly, Tech N9ne, and Fabulous.

Thommy’s charismatic persona translated on the big screen as clearly as it did in his music. He landed a significant role in the 2006 Film, “Waist Deep” (Tyrese Gibson, The Game, Meagan Good). With the sudden death of his mother, Thommy returned to Maine.

This dark period spawned the most prolific music of Thommy’s young career. He found himself back on the streets bouncing between shelters and squatting in the basements of abandoned apartment buildings.

By re-living what had sparked his creativity in the first place, he realized it was too late to save his mother, but he could still save himself. He did away with the moniker “Poverty” and changed his performing name to  “Thommy Kane”. After launching a kickstarter page, Kane succesfully reachd his goal of $12,500 where he than made his latest album “2nd chance.” With Hypnotic beats and a mesmerizing voice, Kane has created an album that represents the new school sound with the old school message. Implementing various rhyme schemes, Thommy shows he can flow in any style and about any subject. Songs that touch on real issues like racism, drug addiction as well as light hearted songs about relationship drama, Kane has made yet again, another emotionally riveting and enjoyable music experience. Mischievous and poetic, Thommy defies the classification of the hip-hop genre. Anthemic and vivid, Thommy is the soundtrack and voice of the “millennial” generation that knows no musical limits.